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Amenities - Lodge

It features a variety of amenities, including a TV, fresh coffee and hot chocolate, information, and mail reception. Great spot to meet people and socialize.
Games Room
Enjoy a game of pool, challenge your friends to a match of foosball, or try your luck with one of our many arcade machines. Entertainment for children & adults.
Convenience Store
It offers items that you may need to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. From dairy, ice-cream, snacks, and beverages to delicious pizzas to bake or ready to eat! 
Children's Corner
It is the perfect place for your kids to have fun and for you to relax! Our screened room is equipped with a variety of toys.  Have a peaceful mind while your little ones play!
Free Wi-Fi
No worries about staying connected with the whole world and your loved ones! Our free Wi-Fi Internet connection at the lodge is ready for you at any time - 24/7.
Laundry Room
Relax while doing your laundry with a nice sink to wash and an efficient drier at an affordable cost. Just sign in to reserve your service at the lodge. A 24/7 service.
Lending Library
A variety of books, music, and movies for both children and adults to enjoy. It also offers a selection of board games and puzzles to keep everyone entertained.
Restroom & Shower
Our hygienic and well-maintained bathrooms and showers offer supplies for your comfort as well as great accommodation for baby diapers change. 
Board Room
Our well-equipped board room offers a tranquil environment to conduct meetings, play board games, and get work done. Sign in at the lodge  to reserve from 10 am to 10 pm.
Full Hookups at the Units
How convenient is having full hookups ready to go! It includes water supply, electricity, and sewage connection for your whole stay. Units 201 & 202 have no sewer.  


More amenities at Cokato Lake RV Resort!
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