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Cokato Lake RV Resort Renter Rules


  1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or evict anyone not following campground rules. USE OF CAMPGROUND FACILITIES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK (including your visitors).

  2. All campers and extra vehicles must register upon arrival. Visitors of campers must register upon arrival and exit by 11 pm.

  3. Please observe road signs and drive slowly. MAX VEHICLE (anything with wheels) SPEED IS 10 MPH. Pedestrians have the right of way. No driving anything after dark without lights (vehicles, golf carts, bikes, scooters, etc.). NO DRIVING OF GOLF CARTS, BIKES ETC. IS ALLOWED ON COUNTY ROAD 4 EXCEPT TO CROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PROPERTY. ONLY LICENSED DRIVERS ARE PERMITTED TO DRIVE GOLF CARTS ON THE PROPERTY.

  4. OBSERVE ALL BIKING SIGNS. Bikes are NOT allowed to ride down hill(s) to the lake. Bike at your own risk. Obey all stop signs.


  6. Minibikes, ATV's and Gas Golf Carts are not allowed on the grounds.

  7. We cannot issue refunds due to poor weather or eviction.

  8. CURFEW/QUIET HOURS: 11 pm to 8 am. Please enjoy a quiet campfire and keep RADIOS OFF. Do not move fire rings. Rings and pits are for firewood only. DO NOT BURN GARBAGE: Burning garbage may result in a $25 fine.

  9. Do not cut or remove branches from trees.

  10. NO FIREWOOD MAY BE BROUGHT IN THE CAMPGROUND! All firewood must be purchased at the Cokato Lake Resort Store. Bringing in outside firewood is strictly prohibited and WILL result in immediate eviction.

  11. All pets must be on a leash 100% of the time. No pet shall be left unattended. Pet owners are 100% Iiable for their pet's actions. This includes picking up after them.

  12. There is no site trash pickup. Dumpsters are located before the entrances on both the East and West side. No furniture, boxes, etc. Trash is limited to bagged refuse only. Please do not leave trash at your site or in the fire rings or pits. CLEANUP FEE is $25 and will be charged to the person registered to the camp site.

  13. Children must not use the pool without an adult in attendance.

  14. Your presence at Cokato Lake RV Resort may result in your photo being taken or being videotaped and used on our website, social media, or other advertising purposes.

I have read and agree to follow the rules of the Cokato Lake RV Resort. I also understand that I may be charged additional fees if I cause any damage to Cokato Lake RV resort property.

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