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How Are We Organized and Governed

Cokato Lake RV Resort History


It was operated as a private campground in the 60's, as a KOA campground in the 70's, and as Cokato Country Campground in the 80's and 90's.

In 2005, developers purchased the campground from the deceased owner and established what it is well known now, Cokato Lake RV Resort Cooperative Association.

How Are We Organized and Governed


1. Declaration – filed 5-4-2005 pursuant to provisions of the Minnesota Statutes Chapter 515B, knowns as the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act. Among other things, it states the legal description of the land and building of the cooperative, a description of each unit, and a description of the common areas and restrictions. It states the number of votes assigned to each unit.


2. Articles of Incorporation (Amendment) – filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State. The articles establish the cooperative as a business entity within Minnesota. Incorporated under Chapter 308A of the laws of the State of Minnesota as Cokato Lake RV Resort Cooperative Association, a Minnesota non-profit cooperative for the purpose of owning and administering the property.


3. Bylaws (Amendment) – The Bylaws of the cooperative state how the cooperative will operate, how meetings will be held, how many directors will serve on the board, the structure of membership meetings and other restrictions of the cooperative. The Bylaws state that unless members are expressly given a vote on matters (per the Bylaws), all decisions of the cooperative are made by the Board of Directors.


4. Board of Directors led by 5 members elected by the members. Terms are for two years and are staggered. Its duties are given per bylaws. Standing committees (9), property managers (2), staff (7), and volunteers work together as a team to keep Cokato Lake RV Resort well maintained and high standards.  


5. Wright County – The cooperative operates under a conditional use permit issued by Wright County issued in 1983. For instance, the permit said we could have no gas powered golf carts. It also dictates that we can only have 1 RV permanently on our site.


Ownership in Cokato Lake RV Resort

 The Cooperative (or Association) owns the 68 acres of land.

 The property is taxed as agricultural for determining real estate taxes. If we do not follow the conditional use permit from Wright County, we could be taxed as a mobile home park, which would be higher. The taxes are paid to Wright County by the Association and collected from members through the dues.

 We have 225 sites or units, of which 222 are owned by members and 3 are owned by the cooperative.

 As a cooperative, the Association technically owns the lots. As a member you own a share in the cooperative. So effectively you own 1/222 of the Resort with a perpetual proprietary lease allowing you to occupy your site.

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