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2024 Dock Slip Lease Agreement

This Lease agreement covers a one year (renewable) term for the 2024 season. Lease and location of slip assignment are non-transferable and subject to terms as listed below. Due to the increased demand for slips and that a potential maximum number of locations might be reached, a waiting list has been created for those interested in attaining a slip or moving to a different slip in the future. This list would be a first come first approved basis. A maximum of one slip assignment will be made per site. You may lease an additional slip for a PWC/Jet Ski. No sub-leasing or transferring of assigned locations will be allowed without the prior approval of the dock committee and the Board of Directors. This lease includes the assignment of storage space for the lessee’s boat/trailer within the marine storage area located on the far northeast corner of the resort. Notice must be given to the dock committee if access to the lessee’s trailer is required on a regular basis during the 2024 season. Inside winter storage is available on a first come basis with an additional fee. It further allows for the winter storage of the lessee’s lift within the common grounds as part of dock storage area. The undersigned agree to the following conditions dealing with this lease agreement.


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Total lease price for a boat or pontoon for the current season is $300.00. A $150.00 deposit will be paid on or before October 1, 2023 for a slip location tentatively assigned for the 2024 season. An additional $150.00 will be due on or before April 1, 2024. PWC (Jet Ski): Total lease price for the season is $150 per PWC unit. A $75.00 deposit will be paid on or before October 1, 2023. An additional $75.00 will be due on or before April 1, 2024. All deposits and fees will be billed through your account portal. Failure to pay the deposit and/or the full total fee will result in the following:

  • Loss of designated slip location on the dock system and assignment made to next person on list. There is no guarantee that your present slip location will be made available to you if you become current at a later date.

  • All items stored under this agreement to include boat/trailer and/or boat lift will need to be stored subject to additional fees or removed from the common and/or marine storage area at the owner’s expense.


All fees due the “Association” must be paid in full prior to putting in the dock/lift assemblies in the spring of 2024. Failure to be current will result in your lift not being installed to the dock system and may result in forfeiture of deposit, loss of designated location and assignment made to next person on list. Additional storage fees may be assessed at this time for the lift, boat, trailer, etc.


You must have liability insurance coverage for your watercraft, etc. If your watercraft breaks free and causes damage to another watercraft, lift or the dock system, you will be responsible to pay for that damage.


 A boat lift is required for all watercrafts utilizing the dock system. The lift must be well maintained, in proper working order, of a size to properly hold and secure the watercraft and CLEARLYMARKED WITH THE SITE NUMBER ON OR NEXT TO THE WINCH ASSEMBLY; lifts that do not meet these criteria WILL NOT BE PUT ON THE DOCK SYSTEM. IF YOU HAVE SEA LEGS, YOUR SITE NUMBER MUST BE VISIBLE ON YOUR WATERCRAFT. 



  • Sea Legs or watercraft attached hydraulic lift systems in good working order may be used as an alternative to a manually operated lift. Battery operated or power lift assemblies are permitted however the battery/power supply must by physically attached to the lift and not a part of the dock system.

  • Boat and/or lift cannot impede traffic within the waterway or on the dock assembly. Boats hanging over the dock assembly in any manner will need to be moved or will be moved for them at lessee’s expense.​


Maintenance, removal for repair, or replacement of the individual boat lifts to include damages incurred by weather, reckless use or inadvertent damage incurred during installation and/or removal is the sole responsibility of the lessee. Non-usable, severely damaged or unsafe lifts must be repaired or removed from the dock system within 2 weeks of incurred damage. If lift has not been removed or repaired within time frame allowed it will be removed by the association and lessee assessed a fee based on the labor required to remove. Damage incurred by lessee, lessee’s equipment, or lessee’s guests to the dock system will be repaired at lessee’s expense. No modifications to the dock systems may be made without the expressed permission of the dock and shoreline committee or the Board of Directors to include extensions to individual dock sections, steps, battery boxes. Modifications will be studied on a case-by-case basis.


If your lift does not have your current site number on your lift in a VISIBLE spot, if your lift has multiple site numbers OR if your lift has caution tape (used to designate repairs or to signify that the lift will not go in the water for some reason), it will not be installed with the docks and lifts in the spring. You will be required to install the lift yourself.


The tying of watercraft and/or lifts to the dock system is prohibited. If your watercraft or lift is found tied to the dock, the rope will be removed.


All watercraft trailers MUST have your site number placed in a VISIBLE spot, preferably the tongue of the trailer.

The undersigned and their guests hereby release Cokato Lake RV Resort and its affiliates from any and all responsibility and/or liability for damage to property and/or personal injury caused by the utilization of the dock system, lift assembly and/or personal watercraft used in conjunction with this lease agreement. The undersigned and their guests also agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Cokato Lake RV Resort and its affiliates from any and all claims, causes of action, personal injury or property damage, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of the use of the dock system, watercraft lift or watercraft on or associated to the Resort grounds.

Thank You! Your agreement has been submitted.

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